Gypsum is really attentive to its environmental impact, in fact we developed manufacturing processes that use materials without any polluting agents, harmless for our staff and for the final user.

Our very first activity, the processing of gypsum, has taught us that it is possible to work with natural materials: water and stone. This makes Gypsum and its workers particularly sensitive as far as the environment is concerned, so only water based materials and natural dusts are used in the production cycle.



It's a natural material obtained by grinding and firing the gypsum stone. The processing and the transformation of the material are completely handmade at every step, and they consist in adding water to the dust to make it solid. The paper that contains the raw material is recycled, and the production waste  is re-used to produce light inert powders to make fillers. The material is stable and causes no harmful emissions. It's important to know that plaster is a hygroscopic material that improves the liveableness and the healthiness of rooms, as it absorbs dampness.



It is made from styrene, a water-based polymer that is first pre-expanded and then welded simply with steam, first in the pre-expander and then in the blockmaker. The cutting is done using extremely thin hot wires, and the finishing involves mostly water-based products, that contain 90% of siliceous inert material (sand). Such finishing materials are stable and cause no harmful emissions. Being polystyrene the primary material,  we avoid using a considerable amount of cement and resins, which have chemical, harmful and polluting bases (i.e. Polyester). All the production waste gets grinded and recycled: it serves as a light filler for flooring (thus avoiding cement again). Otherwise, it is compacted in order to be used as a filler or to be re-used as regenerated raw material.


90% of our cast stone is made up of natural elements, natural binders and light inert materials, extracted from volcanic rocks. The polymers and the various additives that are put into the mixture are about 3% of the total weight, and are all water-based. Just like all of our products, our cast stone is also stable and causes no harmful emissions. Thanks to the ability to manufacture very thin products, with the Petra system a lot of raw material can be saved: on average we can save up to 80% of volume and weight, compared to the weight of traditional concrete