GYPSUM was born from the passion for plaster decorations of the early 70's, it has had an experience of over fourty years in the construction industry and it is present in the market as manufacturer, installer and consulting partner for firms and designers.

We have always carried out our activity with dynamism and the will to innovate, constantly looking for new construction systems that follow the rules of modern markets: rapidity, practicalness, economy in the production process and quality guarantee are the basic requirements.

GYPSUM currently manifactures plaster, light cast stone and polystirene items, thus extending the potential use of its products to a wide range of different businesses and industries: construction, furnishing, lighting, set design, spas, shipbuilding and advertising.

Our strength lies in the diversification of our products, aimed at meeting any project requirement, together with the professional consulting assistance that we always provide our clients with, in order to pick out the right products and the most fitting production systems, and to guarantee undisputedly high quality results.